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After Brooke's wedding we did a staycation in San Diego with the In-laws. It was a great time to just relax and honestly visit some places that neither of us have ever been. 

Activity 1: Paddle Boarding

Giving the sister a ride
Paddle Boarding with the family in Mission bay outside the Bahia hotel.A bunch of the family rented paddle boards and spent time going around the bay. My mom had a little trouble standing up- but once she was up she was off to the races on the board. Fun to spend time with my Aunt Kay, Cousin Mary, Aunt Martha, Uncle Dennis and my siblings. All of us just paddling around. 

Mom out on the water trying to stand
Mom is up and away
I thankfully have been out on a paddle board a few times. I used all the tips to help the family. KK really enjoyed it- for some time. Then when mom got on a board, KK came onto mine. Once we got used to the balance thing and I was willing to work a little harder, we were off and enjoying time paddling together! Though her butt was getting a little wet. Dad did not want to try but he enjoyed watching us all from the sand!

KK loving it

Mary and my Aunt Kay
For being water people- stand up paddle boarding is awesome. Especially on calm water. You can experience all the joys of being free and out on the water. Without having to be get wet. I think this is why my mom really enjoyed it. She never had to get wet. Though she did admit- she would not do it out of the surf!

Activity 2: Hike Torrey Pines

View from the bluff
Hiking the bluff
Another great activity was hiking Torrey Pines. I personally had not been to the area since college and we did not spend much time enjoying it. We went hiking with mom, KK, Aunt Martha, Uncle Dennis, Scott, Renee and Brennan. Our nice hike did end up being very long. We should have listened to dad when he said to bring extra water. Which we did not. 
Down the bluff
KK with a beautiful view

Our small hike ended up being over 10 miles. Up the hill around some trails, into the museum. Then since you always see the golf course on TV- we made the extra little hike to see it. A very beautiful lodge and lovely golf course. I know my Aunt Maratha and Uncle Dennis loved seeing the golf course. 

Cassidy Family
The hike back we took it off the bluffs down onto the beach. Which was a much quicker way back to the car. It was an absolutely beautiful hike on the bluffs then down on the beach. Even though it was long, worth all the views and beauty. 

Activity 3: Balboa Park Museums & Velodrome

Balboa Park is a live and amazing little area of San Diego. There are so many museums. We visited a few different ones. The San Diego Hall of Champions.  I have previously been to an event hosted by the museum. The banquet was amazing at a lovely hotel in Mission Valley. Seeing what I had with that event, I assumed the museum would be fascinating and amazing.  Though we were disappointed. The displays were lacking information, not all working. I want to hope that the museum it did not have more. I believe it is a newer museum- I love the idea of it. I have previously been to event hosted by the museum and it was amazing. 

After the Hall of Champions, we headed over to the Air and Flight museum. The Cassidy family has deep routes with aircraft and flying. Though any and all museums I find fascinating. This was no exception. A few of the planes they pointed out Grandpa Wixom used to own one similar. So much history in the airplanes.    
After the Air museum we headed to the Natural History museum. Brennan had seen an add for a special exhibit on Pirates. I have to say I thought a lot of it was made up. After going through this it was amazing, so much information. The way these pirate-ships were able to govern themselves, split everything equally. That long before the idea of ending slavery, that pirates had no care for color. Only about who could help the cause (not the best of course). 

Once we had enough in Balboa park it was over to the other side of the park. We had a quick snack then headed to the Velodrome so that Scott and Renee could see what this track racing was all about. Tuesday night racing is the higher levels, Brennan is working his way up to that level. I think they really enjoyed experiencing the track and all that comes with it. 

Activity 4: Palomar Mountain Observatory & Julian
A few weeks before this vacation Brennan did a race up Palomar mountain. I personally had never driven up it. And I have no plans on riding my bike up it that is forshure. He did it to test himself. Wanted to show his parents the craziness of it.  The drive was actually beautiful, we passed only two cars along the track. 

Once at the top of the mountain there is a very cute little store. We made a pit stop there. From around the corner you can get to a huge observatory. We took about an hour to view the museum they had. Then walked up to this MASSIVE telescope. I have never seen anything like that it. I definitely left there more informed and confused about the dark reaches of our universe. They did ask that we tell other people to try and keep lights we do not need outside off. All that light bounces and they have trouble seeing things in space. Thus I have been doing my part to make sure we do not leave the porch light on when not needed. 

On the way down the mountain I figured out we were only a few miles from Julian. A beautiful little town that is famous for there pie. Once in the town Renee liked the cuteness of the town. It has an old town feel still. I was super happy because I got my Apple Pie from Mom's bakery. I of course made it ala mode so that I could get my ice cream as well. The pie was amazing as always.  

Odd Activities:
Like any vacation you do a lot of eating out. Though it was nice cause we eat at many of Brennan's and I favorite restaurants. I think we did put his parents out of there comfort zone once in a while.  

Such a great vacation spent in San Diego- all while coming home to our own bed. 

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