Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

What a great Thanksgiving break... Finally some downtime!!

Started Wednesday when I had a great ride to LA with some girls on the swim team.  I spend a lot of times with these girls and do work hard to be a coach that they are comfortable talking with and someone who is there to help when they need it. So it was great to get to know a few of the girls better and more about there life away from the pool.

Once in LA I spent the afternoon with Brennan, who left work early (dont tell the boss).  We had an early Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday night with a bunch of Brennan's college friends. It was a really fun time, showed us all that even while we struggle to be apart of the working world we have so many things to be thankful for.  That friends who understand and support us are an amazing gift!

Thursday we drove to Redlands.. I had a great day hanging out with my family.  Had a great big Thanksgiving dinner with the Richey Family, Grandpa Vessey, Mel and Brennan all joined in the festivities.  We also were able to help an old neighbor make their Thanksgiving special, our old neighbor is now in a wheel chair so the boys all helped to carry her up stairs into her sisters house so that she could be with her family. After dessert which was amazing, all us kids packed into mom's car and rented a movie. We watched the movie "Grown Up's." It was really funny and showed us yet again how blessed we are to have our health and each other.

Friday was an interesting day. Mom had scheduled us for a kid's photo shoot.  It actually turned out to be really funny and we all enjoyed ourselves.  And I think Mom was really appreciative to have all her children together and finally get the photo's she has always wanted!
Check us out...
2 Blue 2 Red for our high school days
Nothing more special then time with my siblings

After our photo shoot and some time at the house we headed out to tag our christmas tree.  With the Vessey family we are either so on top of getting a tree like this year or going a few days before christmas and having to buy whatever tree the farm has.. This year we planned to beat the rush.. We headed to a fun tree farm where we found a sweet tree, which am sure will probably be to big for the living room like ever year.  We jarred some fresh honey, and went through the petting zoo. It was a good time just getting to all be together for a few hours. And the lama's did not eat dad!!! 

I headed back to San Diego with Brennan.  We spent the evening making dinner and getting all packed for our race the next morning. For those of you who know me, I have never been one for not competing in something.  Since swimming has ended I have kinda tried to find something or at least be consistent in working out.  Well thanks to Brennan who convinced me to sign up for a half marathon (Carlsbad in January) I have been training. So I figured about time to see if what I was doing was working.  Brennan like always did the research and found a race near San Diego and I was signed up to run in a 10K. 
Go Brennan!!!

What a feeling to get back out and compete again. It was even more fun to be in the race with Brennan. On the ride I had talked with Brennan about some goals. I was extremely happy with myself especially because the course was very hilly in comparison to what we had thought.  In the end I had a goal of 9 minute miles, I had an average of 8.15 minute miles. So crushed my personal goal.  I finished the race 51st, 13th female overall.  I went an overall time of 51.17. It was great!!! Brennan was also happy with his results, he got 27th overall and went faster then his goal pace!! It was a great starter race, I may have another 10k in the future to prepare for my half marathon. Thanks for finding the race Brennan and signing us up!! I had a great time!!

Later that day we met my parents at Qualcomm Stadium to tale gate before the last home Aztec game of the season.  It was another good game watching the Aztec's get a W.. Who are now going to be playing in the Poinsetta Bowl!! So the Vessey family will also be bowling at Qualcomm Stadium on December 23rd cheering for the Aztecs!!!

All in all it was a great Thanksgiving Break.. A much needed break from my crazy life of school and work.  It was also a time in which I was once again reminded how blessed I am in life.  That I have the best family in the world, we are all healthy. That I have a boyfriend who treats me like a princess and supports everything I do. So remember everyday is a gift, and I am sooo thankful!!!