Tuesday, August 2, 2011


In my last blog I wrote about how Brennan always amazes me... Well he has done it once again!!  Surprises seem to be his thing lately.  This surprise was over the top and something I was not expecting.

On July 30th- Brennan asked if I would marry him... I said YES!!

Last week was a long week for me and Brennan.  Especially because Brennan was gone for work/fun the weekend before in Seattle. So between two straight weeks of work and no weekend break together it made last week seem like it took forever!!!  Last week I worked about 35 hours of swim lessons and was really sick.  I just wanted it to be Friday night and get down to San Diego to be with Brennan.  Plus earlier in the week when things were going so poorly, Brennan had told me we could go out on a nice date Saturday night. Since we had not seen each other in a while we could get dressed up and go to a nice sushi restaurant.  Once again he made me smile and gave me something to look forward to.

Thankfully my great friend Melissa picked up her phone Friday night and made my drive to San Diego super quick! Seems ironic looking back because we had this long discussion about everyone around me getting engaged.  I kept saying that I was not worried and I knew he would do it when he was ready.  Then get back to something like he has been so busy with work.  He is so great also knowing that I want to feel more secure since I am still job hunting.  Then I would laugh and be like I cant believe I am even thinking about getting engaged.  Turns out only our parents, Blair (Brennan's co-worker) and Melissa  knew Brennan was going to propose Saturday night.  Brennan had been in contact with Melissa for a few weeks about rings as he was shopping around.

So Friday night was nothing big.  We had a nice dinner at the house and just hung out.  Saturday started like most of our Saturdays have since Brennan got me a rode bike.  Well still feeling a bit under the weather he left to ride with  group and not enjoying it since he had planned this day I received a text about 40 minutes after he left that said "Baby get dressed back in 30 minutes and we are going riding."  So I got up got ready and then we headed out to ride along the coast.  It was a very overcast morning and a bit chilly but we were out riding..  We went about 28 miles and it was rough for me. I even got passed by a few people and got the look from Brennan like are you serious Jamie.  When he gives me those looks when we ride I simply smile and show him my pearly whites and I hope that helps me cause.  After riding we got back to the apartment got all showered and changed had brunch I guess you would call it.  Then headed out to run some small errands.

After running our errands we headed back home to relax a bit.  While relaxing and getting a few things done Brennan started the hunt for a sushi place.  As we went back and forth with him wanting me to make a decision.  He knows I hate making decisions and yet he still pushed. So probably ruining his whole plan for the evening.  I said something like why don't we just go to our local sushi place that we have liked so much.  I have a coupon (because yes I am always cheap).  Then we wont have to get dressed up, hassle with driving and parking.   Plus when we try for big plans things always go bad.  So we decided (or maybe I did) to just eat at our local sushi place.  Plus we could walk from the apartment.  So we freshen up and started our walk.  One of the things I enjoy most of being with Brennan is that we are always active, I love when we walk because it feels like it is just us.  We can just chat about anything and usually everything.  We spent the whole two miles laughing and smiling about all kinds of things.

Once arriving at the sushi place we were again happy to see we were the only two people in the restaurant.  We decided being our special date we would do the all you could eat and we would be so gutsy and order new types of sushi.  Brennan was shocked when I did all the ordering, that never happens. We also decided to try Saki.  It was good but not my favorite thing.  Brennan seemed to like it, maybe a bit more because the poor guy had a ring box in his left jacket pocket.  After eating a ton of sushi and having a great time chatting.  We decided to head to our spot in Fletcher Cove.
Here is an aerial picture of part of the cove

We always walk right down that pavement and sit in front of that colored sign on a wall

We call it our spot because most weekends we end up sitting on this one specific wall.  We always sit together just holding hands watching the waves breaking, people playing in the water and chat about whatever comes to mind.  So tonight was not to much different and did not lead me to think anything out of the ordinary.  Except that Brennan did not sit next to me.  After a while I for whatever reason stood up and Brennan was just holding me as we watched these 2 little boys and there dad go out into the surf.  While he was holding me I could hear and feel his heart racing and thought that was so strange.  Little did I know.... 

As we stood there looking at the beautiful pacific ocean.  I was thinking my life could not be any better. I was with the absolute love of my life, again little did I know...  All of a sudden Brennan was down on one knee holding a little white box.  I am sure Brennan could see my disbelief.   Being the couple that we are extravagant plans and long speeches are not our thing.  So Brennan kept it short and sweet. As he was down on one knee he asked "Jamie will you marry me?".  I was still so shocked I could not get anything out, it felt like forever before I gave my answer.  In reality, it was probably only a few seconds.  I said "Yes" while fighting back tears.  I just could not believe it.  I hadn't even looked at the little white box that Brennan was holding, I was just staring into his eyes in disbelief of what was happening.  As he stood I took the ring out of the box and slipped it on my finger.  It was the first time I had really looked at it and was speechless.  It was absolutely beautiful!!  We spent the next few minutes just holding each other.  I was looking between my hand and up at Brennan. All I could get out was I love you so much and I am so shocked I do not know what to say.  After saying that probably a million times, Brennan got this amazing grin on his face and said "that is the way I wanted it baby."

After a few minutes Brennan let lose about all these details that he had been holding in for the last few days.  He said it was one of the hardest things he has ever done having to keep such a big secret from me.  He thought about just trying to avoid talking to me all week, thinking that might be the easiest way not to let any details slip.  But he thought better of it.  Good thing... :) Brennan went and made his final decision on the ring last Sunday and put a deposit to hold it.  Funny listening to what he went through in the decision making process.  Guess the lady tried to talk him into a different type of stone cut and he was like she does not want that.  So he said he left happy oh and they treat you great he even got Cappuccino's while he was shopping.  He took his normal Monday morning ride along the 101 and decided he was sure he wanted to do this.  Went back later Monday afternoon and picked up the ring.  Big thanks to Blair (co-worker of Brennan's) for going with him and not letting him change his mind.  Though with Brennan once he has made a decision there is no changing his mind.  Later Monday he sent an email to my mom asking to meet my parents Thursday afternoon for lunch in Temecula.  Again impressed by my parents for not letting anything slip.  He said it went really well that my mom was crying and asking all kinds of questions that he did not have answers for.  Deferring with his go to answer of "I will have to talk to Jamie about that." Good call babe!

After Brennan got out all these details.  I called my parents who pretended like they had no idea why I was calling.  I was still in shock I could not get much out about it.  I was starting to cry and Brennan was just standing there holding me.  We then called his parents and told them.  They asked me "If I was ready to join this crazy family?" I replied " The question is he ready to join mine?" They congratulated us again and then we headed up away from the beach.  The sun was just starting to set as we began our walk.  I was on cloud nine stopped a few times and was just shocked.
Leaving our spot!!

I then placed a few more calls out and of course no one answered!!! Even Brooke who is always glued to her phone.  When I finally got a hold of her she was screaming into the phone. Then could not figure out why Brennan had not told her in advance.  Brooke I know you will read this you are not the best secret keeper. But I still love you.  She also asked if she could be my "Best Women" so I did a bit of explaining and said yes my Maid of Honor.  

After our few calls were made Brennan was suggested going to a bar around the corner and have something to drink.  I was still in such shock and I think he was coming off an adrenaline high and nerves.  We order two glasses of champagne, which the waitress was not sure they even had.  Luckily they did and then she gave us very weird look for having it. We toasted to us!!! When we ordered our second round Brennan told the lady we just got engaged.  It was so weird to hear him say it. I just smiled.  After hanging out for a bit Brennan deciding we wanted to walk back before it got to dark we headed home.  Plus Brennan had hidden some champagne and another drink I liked back at the apartment.  So we started our walk.  During the walk we each called a few friends.  All the people I called did not answer, that includes Melissa who knew!  I was so excited and no one was answering.  Thankfully they all called me back. I also sent out a few mass text messages on the way home. 

Once back we opened a huge bottle of champagne and Brennan did not break anything in the process!! We again toasted to us and looked back on the evening.  We made a trip to CVS across the street for a few snacks which is always fun.  Then just spent the evening talking and replying to the mass amount of calls and text we received with congratulation messages.  So thank-you to our family and friends for all the support!! 

So I am engaged to the most amazing man in the world.  It comes with a few stipulations: A.) I have to teach Brennan how to flip turn before November.  B.) He would like to see me race in a triathlon.  So Sunday morning I signed up for an Olympic distance in Chula Vista for late October.  I did not realize how long the running portion is. I know when Brennan reads this part he will be like "oh babe."  Consider the teaching him how to flip turn done.  If I can teach a bunch of ten year old, how hard can it be to teach my fiance.. Right??    

To answer the question everyone seems to ask. We have not set a date or really talked much about it. We are thinking 2013.  We want to enjoy our time engaged.