Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

What a great Thanksgiving break... Finally some downtime!!

Started Wednesday when I had a great ride to LA with some girls on the swim team.  I spend a lot of times with these girls and do work hard to be a coach that they are comfortable talking with and someone who is there to help when they need it. So it was great to get to know a few of the girls better and more about there life away from the pool.

Once in LA I spent the afternoon with Brennan, who left work early (dont tell the boss).  We had an early Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday night with a bunch of Brennan's college friends. It was a really fun time, showed us all that even while we struggle to be apart of the working world we have so many things to be thankful for.  That friends who understand and support us are an amazing gift!

Thursday we drove to Redlands.. I had a great day hanging out with my family.  Had a great big Thanksgiving dinner with the Richey Family, Grandpa Vessey, Mel and Brennan all joined in the festivities.  We also were able to help an old neighbor make their Thanksgiving special, our old neighbor is now in a wheel chair so the boys all helped to carry her up stairs into her sisters house so that she could be with her family. After dessert which was amazing, all us kids packed into mom's car and rented a movie. We watched the movie "Grown Up's." It was really funny and showed us yet again how blessed we are to have our health and each other.

Friday was an interesting day. Mom had scheduled us for a kid's photo shoot.  It actually turned out to be really funny and we all enjoyed ourselves.  And I think Mom was really appreciative to have all her children together and finally get the photo's she has always wanted!
Check us out...
2 Blue 2 Red for our high school days
Nothing more special then time with my siblings

After our photo shoot and some time at the house we headed out to tag our christmas tree.  With the Vessey family we are either so on top of getting a tree like this year or going a few days before christmas and having to buy whatever tree the farm has.. This year we planned to beat the rush.. We headed to a fun tree farm where we found a sweet tree, which am sure will probably be to big for the living room like ever year.  We jarred some fresh honey, and went through the petting zoo. It was a good time just getting to all be together for a few hours. And the lama's did not eat dad!!! 

I headed back to San Diego with Brennan.  We spent the evening making dinner and getting all packed for our race the next morning. For those of you who know me, I have never been one for not competing in something.  Since swimming has ended I have kinda tried to find something or at least be consistent in working out.  Well thanks to Brennan who convinced me to sign up for a half marathon (Carlsbad in January) I have been training. So I figured about time to see if what I was doing was working.  Brennan like always did the research and found a race near San Diego and I was signed up to run in a 10K. 
Go Brennan!!!

What a feeling to get back out and compete again. It was even more fun to be in the race with Brennan. On the ride I had talked with Brennan about some goals. I was extremely happy with myself especially because the course was very hilly in comparison to what we had thought.  In the end I had a goal of 9 minute miles, I had an average of 8.15 minute miles. So crushed my personal goal.  I finished the race 51st, 13th female overall.  I went an overall time of 51.17. It was great!!! Brennan was also happy with his results, he got 27th overall and went faster then his goal pace!! It was a great starter race, I may have another 10k in the future to prepare for my half marathon. Thanks for finding the race Brennan and signing us up!! I had a great time!!

Later that day we met my parents at Qualcomm Stadium to tale gate before the last home Aztec game of the season.  It was another good game watching the Aztec's get a W.. Who are now going to be playing in the Poinsetta Bowl!! So the Vessey family will also be bowling at Qualcomm Stadium on December 23rd cheering for the Aztecs!!!

All in all it was a great Thanksgiving Break.. A much needed break from my crazy life of school and work.  It was also a time in which I was once again reminded how blessed I am in life.  That I have the best family in the world, we are all healthy. That I have a boyfriend who treats me like a princess and supports everything I do. So remember everyday is a gift, and I am sooo thankful!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Busy Busy Busy Working..

The last few weeks have been crazy busy.. Busy with work!! Meaning I have not gotten to spend much time with Brennan or really do anything else for that matter.

I spent my last few weekends on the road.  Spent a few days in New Mexico, then a few days in Dallas Fort Worth, then a week in Long Beach all with the swim team.  Who did amazing at all 3 stops!!

One weekend in between I spent coaching the SDSU club water polo team in a home tournament at the Aquaplex. My first tournament with them. We went 2-2. Losing one game to ASU which we should not have! But then again it was the first time I met most of the players. So in reality I was really happy with how the weekend turned out.  It was also an eye opening experience for me in terms of my coaching career.  I realized just how much I missed the game of water polo. Also felt pretty darn good to stand on the side of the pool and be in complete control. 

Thankfully Thanksgiving Break was on the calendar and I could not wait to have a relaxing few days away from work (meaning the pool)!!!

SDSU Swimming

As I have worked the last two seasons with the Aztec Swimming and Diving team I have done some traveling, a lot of learning and been a part of some very special things.  This season is going so fast and has been crazy.  I feel like every time I turn around the girls are breaking records and doing things that have never been done in the programs history. It has been amazing to be a part of and play a vital role in..
So far the team is 6-0 in conference and has finished 4th at the Arena Invitational.

First ever win against a Pac 10 school Oregon State 150-125
Arena Invite 4th place (2.5 points out of 3rd. 1st Standford, 2nd CAL, 3rd ASU)

Conference Wins:
vs. Airforce           245-55
vs. Colorado State 208-92
vs. New Mexico    211-89
vs BYU                 173-127 (1st time in history, 1st loss for BYU in 4+ seasons)
vs. TCU                 173-123
vs. Utah                  153-127

Aztecs 6-0 in the MWC
Left on the schedule UNLV this weekend, Wyoming January 28th for Senior day!!!

What a season it has been and so much more swimming to go!!

Go Aztecs, Fight On!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Smudge Pot

A few weekends back I got to be a part of one of Sean's greatest victories in high school football.  No matter where you went to school or what sport you played. There is always that one rivalry that basically defines your season.  In our hometown of Redlands that game is when Redlands High and Redlands East Valley meet on a friday night at the University of Redlands under the bright lights.  They play for the smudge pot.  A smudge pot is those funny looking contraptions placed in orange groves to keep the oranges from freezing. It is painted half red and half blue.  The winner keeps it at the school for the remainder of the school year.  It had been at REV since Sean's freshman year. There was no way we wanted it to leave in his senior season.
The Smudge Pot..

This year was no different then any other, tensions were running high and the city was completely divided. Its Blue or Red.  Back in my high school days I was Blue to the core being that I graduated from Redlands High, but these days I bleed Red.  Sean and Mikayla are both high schoolers at Redlands East Valley an now its all about the Wildcats!!

As the game went on it was not looking the best for the Wildcats. Redlands jumped out to an early lead, and we slowly fought our way back.  Sean who plays wide receiver as well as the holder had a few rough plays.
Sean running a route in the game..

As the holder Sean has one job, get the ball down!! Well that being if the ball is not snapped just ridiculously high.  Well call it nerves or whatever, an attempt early in the game by the Wildcats to get points on the board turned out not so good. The snap went sailing over Sean's head. Sean was able to recover the ball and end up at the bottom of the pile.

The game went back and forth. With time starting to run out Redlands looked as if they would get the smudge pot back on campus. The Wildcats made 2 minute drill look easy and were able to march right down the field. (This is when I think mom wanted to throw up, Grandpa just keep saying its not over till its over, Dad was yelling about plays, I was thinking got to get this all on film, and Brennan was probably thinking this family is NUTS) No matter it came down to 3 seconds on the clock, and they were down by 1. They were going for the field goal. I think many REV fans were starting to think back about that missed snap. I will admit it came to mind, and I was thinking this game is resting in my little
brothers hands. Literally!!!
Setting up for the play!!!

There was exactly 3 seconds left in the game. The ball was snapped, Sean got it down and it was good!!!!!! REV wins REV WINS!!!
Here is the amazing play!! 

With the game over and REV winning by only 2 with no time on the clock!!! It was great! The students rushed the field!! Mikayla managed to find that big brother Sean on the field!!
After the game I asked Sean if he was nervous, since a snap had already gotten by him. He said NO way
that was gonna happen!!! Always so calm cool and collected that brother of mine!!
Senior Class of 2011: Smudge Pot!!
4 beat :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Family Night, Aztec Swim, Rascal Flatts, and a date :)

What a weekend.... I am enjoying having the time to do things I want to do! And only having work commitments that I enjoy!

My weekend started out with a little drive to Redlands. It was Family Night for REV Football. I have not missed a family night since Sean made Varsity. This year would be no different, thanks to the carpool lane with Grandpa & Brooke traffic was no problem. It was a great time going on the field and taking pictures with Sean.  We then walked down the 50 yard lane between rows of  cheerleaders as the announcer introduced Sean and his family!
Sean and Me
My Best Friends
The parents with Sean

As the game went on Sean played great!! However the Wildcats suffered there first loss of the season.
Sean earning a PI
Sean as the holder

Saturday would turn out to be an interesting day.  It was our first dual meet of the season for the Aztecs. The meet ended with a huge win over Oregon State.  Brooke went an in season best time in the 200 fly and won the 100 fly.  The relay she was on broke the previous pool record. Brooke swam great!
The meet overall went great! As the coaches started to reflect on the meet we saw that the team had set multiple new pool records, had all time Aztec records, and one of my distance swimmers set the all-time Mountain West Conference record. They did all of this without any real rest. Its going to be an amazing season. GO AZTECS

After the meet we had a great lunch with the family at Woodstocks Pizza (sorry KK).  After lunch we hurried home.  Brennan and I had big plans for the night. We were going with Brooke and Nik to the Rascal Flatts Concert in Chula Vista! We had a great great time!! I had seen Rascal Flatts before at the same venue but they were better then I remember. They sang all of my favorite songs!
The crazy group 
Brennan & Me
I guess I missed the memo, but the boys are really enjoying the concert. Cant you tell?

Sunday was a day of much needed rest and time with Brennan. I did have a two hour practice with my new water polo team. Again work that I enjoy, cant get much better.  After I finished practice Brennan and I went swimming.  I enjoyed the little swim but boy had it been a while. Not sure how Brennan feels about swimming with me ; )  After our workout we were pretty hungry and decided that we should go out on a much needed lunch/ dinner date.  It was a great way to end our weekend.  Together for a nice meal. 

I had a great weekend. I got to spend time with my family and Brennan. It doesnt get any better!!
-Special thanks to my parents for friday night and coming saturday to the meet.
-Sean in letting us be a part of family night, keep making us proud!!
-Brooke & Nik for getting the tickets to Rascal Flatts.
-Brennan for driving to San Diego AGAIN!! I promise I will get to LA soon :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vacation Weekend to Missouri

What a weekend...
Over the years I have gotten to do a lot of things, and see a ton of places. However most of the time it has been for competition. It is great to just be able to get away and not have to worry about much of anything.

This last weekend I traveled to Missouri. The trip filled multiple purposes.
1. Spend quality time with my mom
2. Aztec Football at Missouri
3. Get to see family on my mom's side

Before starting my trip I was able to see Sean play Thursday night against San G. Its the first high school football game. I was able to see this year  and it went well. His team got a "W" and he played great!!
Sean is number 15

Our trip started Friday morning at about 4am but our flight didn't leave until 6am. A quick stop in Vegas (no time to play the slots) and we were on our way to St. Louis. Once we arrived we went straight to my grandparents. It was great to see them and just spend time with them.  Later that night I went to my second high school football game of the week.. CBC vs SLUH.. Both all boys schools, which was a little different. Most of my uncles and cousins went to one of these schools.

Saturday was the big day. I started it by running three miles in the humidity. ( If you did not know I am running a half marathon in January with my boyfriend Brennan.. Since I am so competitive I have started my training. Vacation or not have to stay with the plan.)
Then Mom and I went to meet two of her college roommates. Mom really enjoyed it and I heard some funny stories from the past. Sadly I have been sworn to secrecy!! There was also the sharing of pictures, I think I laughed the whole three hours.

From there we left for Columbia Missouri..
I was decked in my Aztec gear ready to watch a great football game..  What an experience it really is a college town so different than in San Diego.

The entrance to the game...

Special thanks to Nik #68 for the tickets. (He is the starting right guard and Brooke's boyfriend) we had tickets with about a 1,000 other Aztec fans. It was soo much fun!! I was surprised that so many Aztec's  had traveled to the game, it was great to see that there are so many people who feel the way I do about Aztec Athletics..
The team coming out of the tunnel for the game... It was go time

I have to say I think many thought the game was an easy W for Missouri but it was not in any way, the Aztecs fought the whole time.  I spent a few plays standing on the bleachers jumping up and down yelling as loud as I could!! (If you know my family, I can be pretty loud.) My mom actually completely lost her voice.  It was one roller coaster of a game. 

Touchdown AZTECS!!!

 In the end sadly we lost, by three but we showed that we could play!!
I do not think they plan on inviting the Aztecs back to play anytime soon....
Mom as a Missouri Fan (She is an alumni)

Mom as an Aztec Fan..

I also experienced my first real Midwest storm. Hot and Humid, Thunder, Lightning, Rain and OH WIND!!!

My cousin Ralphie and I!! He was impressed with us Aztec fans :)

                                 We went and saw Nik after the game. He played a great game!!
After visiting with Nik for about 20 minutes we headed downtown to party it up like my Mom did back in the day.  We had a great time with Ralphie and his girlfriend along with all the Missouri fans and a few Aztec fans.

 We took a tour of the school. Since it was still storming out it was a driving tour of the campus. Saw the main buildings of Jesse Hall, the columns and the Athletic Center..
 Jesse Hall and the Columns

We also saw all of the places my Mom lived, the dorms and this crappy house. Which has since been remodeled, from what I have heard thank heavens!! All the random places she worked at during college. One of the places she worked was this cute little market originally called "The Lee Street Market."
 Mom could not believe the place was still there, it is no longer a market but it is still in business serving "Juicy Burgers"

We then went to my cousins daughters Baptism back in St. Louis. We then headed to a BBQ my uncle had inviting all the family over. I got to see all my Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, second cousins.  It was a great time with family!!!

I also decided during this trip, (as long as I can afford it) I plan to attend at least one Aztec home or road game a year. And bowl games are a given!!! It was just so much fun and intense!!

I have to thank: mom for taking me on this trip.  I had such a blast. 
Only way it could have been better was if the Aztecs had gotten a 'W'!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Following the black line

   So my life may consist of being out of the pool these days.. Only in that I don't spend hours on end following the black line, getting the huge tan circle on my back, or wondering if my arms will be connected when practice finally ends.. However when you have done something your whole life its a weird feeling when it all of a sudden just ENDS!!
     My swimming career ended at the 2009 MWC Swimming Championships with the mile.. I remember it like yesterday, I had 66 laps to let it all soak in.. My collegiate career was ending with every stroke. Then I finished and I knew it was all over.  After touching the wall, I looked first at my sister Brooke who is not only my best friend but my teammate.

I then looked up in the stands and saw my parents.  Who I want to thank so much for the early mornings, long days, and unwavering support of my waterpolo and swimming career.

      Taking one more look at the pool and the clock, I climbed out. And then started thinking what do I do without the black line to follow.  It had literally lead me my whole life. That black tile line was my comfort, support, structure and something I had spent hours staring at over the years. I started to wonder could I find my way without it.. 
   It turns out that black line has helped to shape my life.  I have it to thank for many of the opportunities that have come along throughout my life, but especially the opportunities that have arisen in the last year or so. I may not get in the pool everyday and follow that black line. But its a nice felling to know that when I am stressed or just want some time to myself that black line will ALWAYS be there for me to follow!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Life out of the pool.. Is that possible for a Vessey!?

  I have started to create a life out of the pool.

Only meaning that I dont stand on the side of the deck in my suit watching the steam rise and the sun come up.. Thinking do I really want to take the plung.. NOW I get to stand on the deck as one of the coaches at San Diego State University.  I stand in all my warm clothes and remind the girls that the pool is not getting any warmer, so you might as well just take the plung!!  I guess I was not ready to leave the pool completely, or being an Aztec!! 

The Link to the team (feel free to follow us)