Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Finish out 2012

It has been a crazy last few months. As I am sure you can tell by my lack of blogging. I will try to cover the big stuff.  With a good amount of pictures!

Vessey Kids
In mid-December the entire family attended the Poinsettia Bowl to watch the San Diego State Aztecs play BYU. It would also be Nik (Brooke’s Bf) last game as an Aztec. Leading up to a bowl game there are many fun activities for the players- below is a picture of Nik at the zoo!
Leaving work early Brennan & I arrived in time to enjoy the tailgate and see Nik on the warrior walk to the stadium.  This was the first warrior walk we had been to all year. I can proudly say I did not miss a home game this season and it was awesome to watch Nik play! Congratulations on your Aztec career Nik. Been fun watching him play all over. In the last few years I even saw him play in Missouri and Seattle. One of the best memories of this season was watching the Aztec’s claim a share of the Mountain West Conference Title on TV. Then heading to school to take part in the celebration when the team arrived back on campus.  Brennan, Brooke, Sean and I were all there when Nik got off the bus. It was a fun night of celebrating. Thanks for letting Brennan and I be a small part of the picture Nik!
A little back story to the picture to the right--The picture was taken a few minutes after the Aztecs arrived back on campus. The Mountain West Conference Trophy was making its way around with the Seniors. It was finally Nik's turn to hold it. We were getting his picture and the Championship swag. When Brooke ran over there to get a picture also. An Alumni post ran the next day about the mini party held on campus for the conference champs.  This picture ran in it.  With the quote "Senior Nik Embernate takes a picture with a very excited fan" or something along those lines.  Needless to say Brooke was not thrilled with it as we sent it to everyone we knew! It sure gave Sean, Brennan and myself a good laugh. And at least Nik has a very cute fan!Then this one of Nik getting kissed by the seal is just to good to not post! 2012 Football season was a lot of fun to be an Aztec fan!

Christmas would come quick (when does it not). Brennan’s parents came for the holiday from Wisconsin. Sadly it was chilly for us California people but they got out of the 15 inches of snow they left! Not sure what they thought of being thrown into the world of Vessey’s. But I personally had a great Christmas with all my family present! Everyone attended Christmas Eve mass together(next time we are all in that church again- I will be marrying Brennan. Can’t WAIT!). Christmas day we opened gifts and had some great laughs! Mom like always out did herself. I cannot thank you enough mom for always going above and beyond. To make every holiday something to remember and for hosting the Cassidy family! We celebrated Brennan’s Christmas birthday as well! We had a truly wonderful day all together!

The Tree
While Brennan’s parents were in Redlands & San Diego. They saw our wedding reception venue first hand.  We also experienced some of the wonders of Southern California. We toured the Midway. I had never been and look forward to going back with Brennan. We did a day at Disneyland. Also over the break I got to see all my amazing college friends as our first grown up dinner party and my amazing best friend Alyssa who was home from New York!
New Year’s Eve was how Brennan and I love to spend it- together with no major plans. To be honest as I am writing this not sure what we even did. But I know that we had fun and were together. In early January I also moved- had black mold. It is not your friend. Love the new place!
2013 has been off to a fast start. I am hoping to be able to catch up on blogging.I plan to do some combining major events in the next few to hit the major events! But 2012 was a great year and 2013 will be even better.It is the year of the weddings (Anna –May, Jenna- June, Me- October, Alyssa- November)!