Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Experience of a Lifetime!

Sweet 16

Sports are in my blood. I have had the privilege to attend some awesome sports events in my short lifetime. Of course I still have many that I want to be able to check off my list. One of the events I always wanted to see was March Madness- especially when it gets down to the last few teams surviving the winner go home event.

I can officially say I have attended the Sweet 16 and the Elite 8 of Men’s Basketball. The experience was even more amazing because I got to watch my Aztecs play in the Sweet 16. I also got to experience a little of Brennan’s home state team Wisconsin.

Brooke and I went to the Sweet 16 together. I have to thank my mom for getting me the awesome birthday present of tickets to watch.  Brooke and I made a little half day of it all. We stopped off for lunch at the Irvine Spectrum.  Then we headed down to the Honda Center to experience the Sweet 16. On our way into the game it was amazing to see all the San Diego State fans. It just amazed Brooke and I. We have attended some of the biggest SDSU events and never did we feel so at home with the rest of our Aztec family. 
SDSU taking the court
Since the Aztecs were playing the second game of the night, many of the Arizona and Aztec fans came in a bit later. Not Brooke and I, we really wanted to take in the whole experience. That included getting to watch Wisconsin play Baylor. Sadly it was not that competitive of a game Wisconsin took down Baylor without much effort.  

After the Wisconsin win half of my dream Elite 8 was set in place. After allowing the teams to warm up, it was time for the main game of the night. All of a sudden the Honda center was packed full of loud fans. I have never experienced the cheering that took place. If U of A cheered, SDSU fans countered it.  The entire game was spent with both fan bases in their own locked battle of wills to out cheer the other. It was amazing. I can say Brooke and I got into the cheering and were fully engaged in the game.  I even got to see my teammate and good friend Erin Lester at half time of the game.

What a game it was worth every penny my mom spent. Only sad part was the Aztecs ended up losing a true battle. For a team that everyone claimed would be “building” I saw a team that competed. The game went back and forth just working so hard. In the last three minutes Arizona was able to get a bit hot and ended our season.

We may have lost but the experience was worth it. Also showed Brooke and I that there are Aztec fans out there. Hopefully this run into the tournament keeps them excited and they attend more events in the future.

As Brennan says "Go Aztecs!". Brooke and I left there with no voices and headaches, but as very proud San Diego State Alumni. Honored and proud to be part of Aztec Nation. 

Aztecs Warming Up

Tip Off

With time winding down. The end of a great season!

Elite 8: 
Wisconsin warming up
Sadly, my dream Elite 8 wasn't in the cards. Great news was that Brennan’s home state of Wisconsin was being represented on the West Coast. Saturday, Brennan and I headed back up to Anaheim to watch Wisconsin take on Arizona. At this point I was all Wisconsin, Go BUCKY!  We thought it was great the people behind us were Wisconsin fans- till we found out how annoying the one woman could be! Though it was funny because for the first time Brennan was able to hear the accent they had. While that made me laugh cause they sounded like all his relatives. Brennan had many jealous family members and friends back home in the snow, wishing they could be with us. It was fun to see him texting with all of them. Having them help tell us stuff we missed and us doing the same.

Wisconsin wins by 1!
Arizona got away quick but Wisconsin in true mid-west fashion fought for everything. It was a true home crowd for Arizona with their fans yelling just dominating the Honda Center. It did not keep Wisconsin down; they fought and won the battle to advance to the Final Four. It went down to the wire with Wisconsin winning with no time on the clock and by one. It was amazing to see the excitement of advancing. Then there is also the anguish of defeat. All of which is part of playing the game, but still hard to witness. 

A huge thank you to my mom!! You always make such amazing things happen, the our seats could not have been any better. You never cease to amaze me with the birthday gifts you have given me over the years.  You gave Brooke and I another special and amazing experience together! Then I got to have another experience that was completely different at the Elite 8 with Brennan. Plus he got to see Wisconsin play.  

Check the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 off my list of amazing sporting events that I want to attend.  Do not get me wrong, when San Diego State makes it back.. I just might be there in my Red and Black!