Friday, September 5, 2014

Brooke's Wedding Video

All the bridesmaids
Always has amazed me how quick we grow up. Not sure when college ended and we entered the real world. But to be married just seems like we cannot be old enough for that. A lot of I cannot believe we are this old happened in 2013 and 2014 as I have watched many of my best friends get married, I myself got married. But then to be planning and knowing that my sister Brooke will be getting married- a very out of this world feeling.      

The Friday prior to the wedding was like many others. Feeling like you have all the time in the wold only to learn that the clock is moving much quicker than normal. We would all meet to get our nails done. Then a lunch down in PB. Then back to the hotel for a rehearsal on the sand. Once the rehearsal was over- everyone showered got all dressed up. Off to the rehearsal dinner down in PB. It was also great to have my in laws in town for Brooke's wedding. They came during the rehearsal dinner and we had then had a staycation with them the following week. The rehearsal was a fun night to hangout with the wedding party and family. Plus the food and drinks were great. 

Wedding Day:
Vessey Girls
Since the wedding was taking place later in the evening. We were up and off to breakfast down on the ocean nice and early. Breakfast was fun with all the bridesmaids along with my parents. Dad managed to use his magical powers to make his glass completely sheer in the middle. It was a good way to start the day with everyone just relaxing.

Once back at the hotel it as a mad dash for the shower. Eight bridesmaids and a bride with one shower. You can all guess how that went! Once showered there was a lot of time spent waiting around as we each got our hair and make up done. It is always fun to get made up. As we finished getting all dolled up, it was time to get into our dresses and another round of pictures. Pictures in the room all together. Then pictures around the hotel with all the bridesmaids. Taking so many pictures prior to the ceremony was nice, it made that we did not have a mad rush to the ceremony. Plus not to many pictures after the ceremony. Just time for Nik and Brooke to get all the photos they wanted.

Nik was very emotional when Brooke was coming down 
Brooke did a fun first look with Dad & Sean. It was time to get a ton of bridesmaid pictures taken. While the boys were also doing the same on the other side of the hotel grounds.

Brooke and Nik had a cute no look where they exchanged notes. Then a few minutes of waiting and it was go time. Nik cried while Brooke headed down the isle. It was a very beautiful back drop and ceremony.

After the ceremony was another round of pictures with family and both sides of the wedding party. We would then head to the reception. The reception was hosted on the Bahia Steam Boat. A quick walk and we were all ready for the party.

The reception started with the grand entrance where the bride and groom had there first dance. It was a fun atmosphere. We then headed upstairs to the dinning hall. It had a beautiful stain glass ceiling. We would have a fun meal, with great speeches. After the speeches we headed outside for a fireworks show. The evening was beautiful in the bay.

The Happy Couple
After the fireworks show it was back downstairs to dance the night away.  I can personally say that I had a great time. Everyone seemed to have an amazing time and danced the nights away.

The evening and weekend ended as quickly as it came. With many memories, laughs and tears!

Short version of Brooke's Wedding video

Link to official pictures

My Best Friends
With Ashlyn- cutest flower girl ever!

My hot date

Congratulations Nik & Brooke. I am blessed to have you as my sister and best friend. It was an honor to be part of your special day. It was a beautiful wedding.

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