Sunday, October 9, 2011

Half-Ironman.. We did it!!

I say we did it, but I guess I should say that Brennan did it.  He finished his first Half-Ironman!!  I feel like we both finished it because were a team.  As a team we both have made sacrifices and survived the training schedule of early mornings and long days.  I mean I got up at 3:45 just like him on race morning.

In terms of training and the long hours that was all Brennan.  An Ironman takes a great amount of mileage training and hours to be successful.  Plus a very strict schedule.  Brennan did all the training and stuck to his schedule.  I did however get in some training with him.  I survived some killer rides through North County on Saturday mornings.  We also have a deal for Brennan's long training runs.  We figure out the distance he needs to go and then come up with a designated pick up place.  This way he does not have to worry about turning around, instead can just keep running forward. Toward me.. Or so I like to think.  As for the swimming portion I give Brennan all the credit I have helped very little in the last few months. Besides a few tips we have not been able to get to the pool together. 

 It was awesome to watch Brennan dominate the Orangeman Triathlon.  
If your not familiar a Half-Ironman is a ....
1.2 Mile Swim
56 Mile Bike
13.1 Mile Run

I did no racing.. Well unless you count running to different points on the course so that I could cheer for Brennan.  It was a great day watching Brennan dominate the race as well as have some of our friends come out and support him.  Plus the race lasted close to 7 hours, so I may have appreciated our friends even more then Brennan.  I had them to hangout with all day!!
Getting situated in the wetsuit- see were a team

Having a laugh before things get serious.  I remembered the gum for him.

Exiting the swim

This is me enjoying the day.. 
Brennan enjoying the bike. Only 2 miles till transition. 

 Starting the run course
Almost to the finish
Brennan Cassidy is a Half-Ironman!!!

The group that came out to support!!! 

We did it!!! My fiance is amazing!

So we have done it, well Brennan has done it completed his first Half-Ironman and then some since the race course was a bit long.  He has another half coming up in two weeks in Arizona.  This course is supposed to be the right length as well as much flatter.

Thanks to our amazing friend Blair for all the pictures!!

I am a week away from my first Olympic Distance triathlon.  So we shall see how that goes!! Brennan gets to be the spectator at that one.. Will be an interesting twist for us. But it is always a team effort!

"You and Me Against the World"- Brennan Cassidy

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