Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Water Polo with Mikayla

Saturday we tripped it down to LMU to see the second day of the LMU invite. Traveling with Brooke and Sean always has its excitement. Plus you add in LA traffic and well the excitement of being dead stopped grows on you. 
After rushing to the pool, we managed to only miss the first quarter. During the start of the fourth quarter KK got in. It was awesome to see her play. In that time she was all over the place. On a 50/50 ball she swam hard. Then from there she made a great pass for a goal. Mark up a great assist cause of not giving up on the play. Then a few possessions later she almost scored a goal. KK got up on a counter and got the pass late, then just missed the cage. 

During the break in games was probably the best part of the day. KK was able to give us a tour of the campus. I had been given a tour earlier in the year. But Sean and Brooke had not yet. It was great we saw where she would be living next year. A few of the building that she has classes in, the different type of restaurants available on campus. Plus she showed us UHal which is an awesome building with one heck of a view of LA. It was pretty clear for an LA day and we could see about 2 or 3 miles. Since KK needed to be back early to warm up for her next game we dropped her off. Then the rest of us headed down to the marina to have a small lunch and wasting sometime before the next game. Luckily the Aztecs were on TV as well. It worked out nicely since we were able to watch the first half before leaving to head back to the pool. Great news is the Aztecs advanced to play in the Sweet 16.

After the game we waited for KK to have her final meetings. The tournament ended with the Lions ending 2-2. Then it was off to dinner. We headed to a great little pizza place right off campus. They had TV's which allowed us to catch the last few basketball games of the day. During this March Madness you never know who is going to be the winner, you just gotta watch the games. Plus watching sports with my family is one of my favorite hobbies. Spending Saturday all together was amazing, the older we get the less it happens. So just getting to be in a relaxed restaurant hanging out is time I am thankful for. Saturday was a lot of fun! Being with the family is always a pleasure. Mom took this great picture of us all. Look even Dad got into the day with a smile! 
Great job playing KK we are all so very proud of you! Thanks for giving us all a reason to see your beautiful campus and hangout. I have the best parents and siblings anyone could ask for! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Simply Irresistible Cakes and Catering by Jenna Main

Jenna & I in Hawaii with water polo
This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my good friend Jenna Main's new bakery that she opened with her Aunt. It is called Simply Irresistible- Cakes and Catering located in La Habra. Congratulations Jenna on such an awesome accomplishment and a beautiful shop.

Jenna & I during the Final 4 with NCAA
Jenna and I played against each other in high school. Then we both went to San Diego State to play water polo. Freshman year we were roomed in the same suite in our dorm. Then a few more years spent as roommates. Over those college years we had many amazing memories and experiences together.

In the last few years Jenna got serious about food and desserts. After graduation she headed off to culinary school. I do wish she would have had some of that cooking training all those years we lived together. As we were normal college students, eating not the best food! Over the past few years I have had many of Jenna's amazing desserts, plus her Aunts amazing food! Making me even more excited to see her dream in person, her own shop! I was so excited to visit her shop. The store had been open a little over a month and I have been trying to get down to Los Angeles area to see it in person. Plus Saturday she does fresh baked Cinnamon Rolls- which I have been dying to try!

Front of the shop
On our way to see KK play water polo at LMU we made a small detour to the shop. Sean and Brooke were great and excited to visit the shop as well. Plus they knew they would be getting some great treats. As soon as we entered the shop it smelled AMAZING! Instantly made me want to eat everything. It was great to see Jenna as well. After spending some time chatting with Jenna and meeting her employee's. We got to sit down and really chat. During the time we were there it was great to see the business and customers. A woman ordered a cake, lady called in a cake and a few people dropped in for some Cinnamon Rolls. Which I have to say are worth the trip and make a great breakfast Saturday morning. The three of us managed to order four cinnamon rolls, 6 mini cupcakes and Brooke order some crazy brownie chocolate pecan desert. That desert was amazing. After spending about an hour hanging out with Jenna and getting fat- we headed along to LMU.

Inside the bakery
Please do not think that we eat all those deserts just the three of us. Each of my family members got a mini cupcake. We had six different flavors and everyone loved it. We have mini cupcakes of double chocolate, ho-dad, vanilla, red velvet. Each person loved there flavored cupcake!

If you are in the area and need a cake, cupcakes, other deserts or catering I highly suggest Jenna and her shop! Jenna made the deserts for her OWN wedding, that's how dedicated and awesome she is with baking. It was also my pleasure to have Jenna bake my wedding cake. We had so many compliments on how elegant and beautiful it was. Plus it tasted like a small piece of heaven!

Congratulations Jenna on an amazing bakery! I wish you all the best with your business. I plan on making it a normal detour on my LA route! Love yea girl.

Jenna & I at my wedding! She made my beautiful cake. 

Simply Irresistible Information:
Location: 2408 W. Whittier Blvd La Habra, Ca 90361

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pictures from the last few days

Day light savings time allowed me to be coaching with a little sun light. While it also gave me this amazing view with such beautiful colors. Picture taken at the Aquaplex.

That same night I got home from practice to find Moose (he keeps the notes for us). The note itself was awesome and then he was also guarding a little sweet treat! Which I love to have after practice! Thanks Brennan for being amazing. I love you!

I have been trying to get back into cycling with a good push from Brennan. The last few weeks I have been doing a ton of trainer workouts at the gym to build my leg strength. In the hopes that Brennan wont drop me so easily. But the riding outside is still a bit scary for me. With that being said the last few weekends I have been riding with Brennan. I am still a little tentative and nervous, but with Brennan's patience it has been fun to be out together again. He even claims I am getting better and a much stronger rider. 

Last Sunday evening Brennan and I walked down to the beach to meet up with some friends. We weathered the terrible winter weather of 80 degrees to see a beautiful sunset!Cannot complain living in California with the man of my dreams. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Alyssa's November Wedding

Wedding Season:

Only about a month after my wedding I had the absolute pleasure of being in my best friend Alyssa’s wedding. It was to be held in Temecula, California. 

Alyssa and I have been friends since our sophomore year of high school when she transferred to RHS from Yucaipa. Since it was before she could drive she used to come home after school. Eat a ton of microwavable meals my dad’s specialty before swim practice. She would be working on all her AP classes, while I worked through the normal student classes. She was one of my biggest supporters during water polo season. Then for college she went to Wagner in Staten Island. This was a place I had never even heard of. Thankfully senior year I got to visit during spring break. We stayed friend over the years by snail mailing letters and pictures. Since graduation she has stayed living in the area. So we do not see each other much. 2013 was much different. She was out for some wedding planning and showers allowing us to finally get to hangout. Then she was in my wedding and a few weeks later I was in her wedding. It was so great to see her every few weeks.

Back to her actual wedding. I headed up to Temecula Friday morning, meeting an old friend Kimie who was also in the wedding party.  We did the normal things got our nails done, finalized some wedding details. Then went off to rehearsal for the ceremony at the church.  Alyssa has a ton of very cute nieces and nephews that kept everything interesting! After the rehearsal at the church we headed over to old town Temecula to an amazing BBQ place. Where we had a great night and I got to hang out with some other old friends from our swimming days.
Friday night I would get the pleasure of staying with Alyssa. It was so great to just spend time together and keep her from getting to nervous. Even better was I had just been her three weeks earlier and really understood. I can’t say that we slept a lot. Then it was Saturday morning and the day was in full swing. She had the hair and makeup people come to us. Which was nice! We all got dolled up and we were off. Brennan had driven down and was meeting my parents at the church.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Alyssa was a stunning bride. Chris her husband looked great. The ceremony so beautifully included there family and friends! After the ceremony it was pictures and then off to the reception that was being held at the Falconer winery. Temecula is a rapidly growing area and I would love to spend more time out there with such beautiful wineries. The reception was a ton of fun with everyone dancing the night away. Brennan and I even made a stop off in the photo booth. My parents also found that to be a lot of fun!

After the reception we took the party bus back to the hotel and partied a little more in the hotel bar! It was great, Alyssa was still in her wedding dress. Everyone was just having a grand time together. I know how stressful the entire day can be as a bride and bridesmaid but just fun to see her sooo happy!

Sunday we would meet for a late breakfast. I got to see Alyssa for a little longer. It was an amazing weekend. Congratulations to Chris and Alyssa. It was a pleasure to be a part of your special day. You have been an amazing friend over the years. I hope that the future bring us more visits together with a little less stress! 

Probably my favorite picture of the entire wedding. Alyssa's confusion with my look is classic us. To many I think they wondered how we were such good friends with such very different goals and minds. But we work and these faces are why- we balance each other out.