Friday, January 21, 2011

Carlsbad Half- Marathon

So I have been training for weeks. I cant say that I was the most dedicated in keeping to my training plan. I did skip days here and there. I struggled to get out the door much like my swimmers struggle to jump in the pool every day.. But no matter the past is the past and the race will go off Sunday morning!!! I know that in the end I did put in multiple miles on the ground. I got better every week and I am super excited to cross the finish line. I have some goals that I am keeping semi secret. But I am not just running this half marathon for myself.

Team Name: "Yes Brennan I have your ……."
I am running for my boyfriend Brennan and the group InsulinDependence.  InsulinDependence mission is: "Insulindependence inspires people with diabetes to set personal fitness goals, educates them on adaptive management strategies through hands-on experience, and equips them to explore their individual capacities."
You are probably all wondering why I have teamed up with this group.  I started work on my master’s degree in 2009 and shortly after starting I met an individual within my cohort named Brennan Cassidy.  We have been seriously dating for over a year and half, he is my best friend and the love of my life.  Brennan is a Type 1 diabetic; he was diagnosed at the age of 12.  While Brennan deals with it daily the shock and fear of him being a diabetic scared me early on in the relationship.  I was more in fear because I had no real knowledge or understanding. I have since done my research, but it is a complicated disease.  It’s complicated because no diabetic is the same. Much of the learning and control that Brennan has is due to trial and error.  Brennan also realized that he has the best control when he has very consistent physical activity. He has been training for triathlons with the eventual goal being to compete in Ironman’s. His desires to be active and compete lead him to finding the group Insulindependence.

 I have attended multiple events with the group and it has been an amazing learning experience for me personally. After every event we attend I know that for Brennan these few hours mean so much more.  It is a place where everyone else has the same worries with food, insulin, and the use of a pump and so many other things.  At these different events he has walked away learning more and gaining even more control over his diabetes.  So in two days I will help run along side Brennan. Or he will be in front and I will be trying to catch up.  Just wait till we do a triathlon at the same time, luckily I can swim, so Brennan will be trying to catch me.  But we will be running because he can and because we want to help the group grow and help other individuals who are diabetic reach their goals.

As for my team name it comes with a funny story.  When we first started dating I always offered to keep snacks in my purse in the case Brennan would ever need them. Brennan was always telling me I didn’t need to, but I always had a snack (just in case).  Soon it became “Jamie do you have any snacks in your purse my blood sugar is low.”  Next it was the meter, no Jamie I can keep it in my pocket.  That also changed to me always carrying it.  So the question I get all day long is “Babe can I have my meter.”  Then Brennan got on this medicine to help his body use insulin better after eating called symlin.  This medication has to stay cold and be carried around in a kinda big case.  Well if you haven’t figured it out yet that also now can always be found in my purse.  So I am a little diabetic pack mule for Brennan and I am always asked for either “a snack, meter or his symlin.” So the answer is “Yes Brennan I have your …….”

So please DONATE to my cause in helping grow InsulinDependence cause a cure would be great, but till it is found these individuals have found an amazing group to learn from and a support group to reach their own personal goals whether that is to walk everyday or compete in an Ironman. 

I will be posting pictures, video and other information about a great event with InsulinDependence and my half marathon next week :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Band Wagon Aztecs

Its a part of life with anything really.  Everyone jumps on the band wagon for the newest purse, shoes, cars, and of course sports! I have never been much of a band wagon person especially in sports. Dont get me wrong I cheer for the under dog, but I am not a fan of just jumping on any passing band wagon.  This whole band wagon has come storming in on San Diego State Athletics. Its exciting and I thank all these new fans for the support, but I think man I hope you stay a fan and dont come and go.

 As I have been associated with the program for the last six years I was a fan long before the band wagon came rolling in!  What an experience it has been once people started realizing that the program is rising and quickly.

Over my six years I have watched multiple sports rise.

Football: I have seen the transition of 4 head coaches. Multiple losing seasons and very very empty stands. Within the last 2 days came the 4th coaching change.  But before it I saw the team go 9-4!! Get into a bowl and win after 69 years!! The Poinsettia Bowl drew extremely high attendance and changed the way people feel about Aztec Football

Women's Basketball: My Freshman year the team had just re-hired Beth Burns and they were looking to rebuild the program. That first year they didnt win a game..  In 2009, I watched the team be Co-Champions of the MWC & go undefeated at home, knocking off Texas (who was ranked 4th at the time).  In 2009 SDSU hosted the 1st and 2nd round of the Women's NCAA Basketball Regional. In the 1st round of the NCAA tournament the team pulled an upset. They then lost to Stanford in the 2nd round. The next year in 2010 they once again had a great season they won the Conference tournament to become Conference Champions.  They went on to play in the Sweet 16!!!

Men's Basketball: The team was always good. I have watched them win numerous MWC Championships.  A few NCAA births, and a darn good run in the NIT! This year however is a totally different game they are ranked 6th in the country. Undefeated at 17-0 only 4 other teams in the country have that kind of record. The games are selling out and it has been crazy here on the Mesa.

Waterpolo: The team has always been ranked in the Top 10.  That was part of the reason I chose to play at San Diego State.  My Sophomore year we had a good season.  Lost some close games but when the selection show came on the television it was our team that got the final slot in the tournament.  We went on to finish in the Final 4.  Sophomore year we had another good season, however in the NCAA tournament we lost in the first round.  Still back to back appearances coming out of our conference was a  great accomplishment

Swimming: This program got on the up and up my Junior year with the department bringing in a new coach.  I spent five minutes with him and joined the team. Since then it has been nothing but climbing the conference ranking from the absolute bottom as we smash school and conference records. We had our 2009-2010 recruiting class ranked 4th nationally.  This season we are undefeated and bearing down on our first MWC Conference Championship and we have a national ranking of 23rd.

Softball: I have watched them take some MWC Championships and some games in the NCAA Tournament.

Baseball: I witnessed the team make it into the NCAA tournament. I saw the year of Stephen Strasburg and Addison Reed. Was at the game he threw a no hitter.

I personally think in my last six years there are a lot of reasons people should have joined the Aztec band wagon.  I mean I probably did not mention a ton of other amazing achievements. Like the Women's Soccer team winning a MWC Championship taking down BYU!! So the band wagon has stopped on campus and I hope it spreads from the big sports down to the rest of the department.  Cause San Diego State is on the rise!!! We are not just hot today, we are planning to stay hot!! So our new band wagon fans thank-you for joining and keep coming out to campus wearing your red and black!!

GO Aztecs!!