Monday, October 29, 2012

Starting Week 4 of Half Marathon Training

Brennan like always has a way to convince me that I can do anything. I guess it is a good thing he believes in me. Well I did it signed up for the Carlsbad Half Marathon taking place in January. I will be raising funds again for Insulindependence prior to race day. However this year I convinced Brooke to also sign up. So the Vessey's are running and raising money.

Brooke and I are both using PEAR Sports Pro to train for the race. It is a 16 week training plan with 4 workouts per week designed by Matt Fitzgerald. It is an awesome tool the PEAR Pro because it is like having a real coach out running with me. Plus at the end you get a workout score so fun comparing with Brooke to see who had the better workout in terms of following the coaching. 

Well we are starting our 4th week. So far I have found the training to be kinda fun getting back into the groove. Nice thing is its not overwhelming yet.  The distance is not to much and the time based workouts are short. However it is hard to head out for a run early in the morning in the dark cold air. But so far so good- I have not missed a scheduled workout.

Other fun thing about training it you get to explore. I have lived in Solana Beach for over a year now and there is so much still to be discovered.  My run always starts on the main drag which crests at the top of this hill and right in front it the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  The view is always beautiful in the morning. Then I have started to venture down some of the streets- while doing this I get to see some incredible house and all very different. Fun to just check them all out.

A few weeks ago when I was finishing up a training run in the morning. We had some rain overnight and cooler weather.  I then saw a beautiful rainbow. The rainbow was so vibrant with all the colors.  California does not get these kind of rainbows. It made me think of all my loved ones who have passed away. I wish I would have had my phone it was beautiful and sitting right over the ocean. Thanks Grandma Vessey, Aunt Mary, Uncle Don, Grandma Wixom and Chuck for making my workout more manageable and put a smile on my face. You guys were just showing me a little piece of heaven. 

Hello Beautiful Solana Beach
My boss also mentioned the other day this street that loops up above Solana Beach, Dog Beach and Del Mar. So on my long run Sunday- I decided to check it out. What a view.. No matter how long the run is cant complain when all I see is the Pacific Ocean.

I then spent Sunday just hanging out around with nothing super important to do.  So I decided end of October and it was 82 degree's at the beach that I would head down to the beach for some sun. I spent about 4 hours just laying out at the beach enjoying a relaxing day to myself! 

I love California!! I love where I live even more.

My view on Sunday!!!
If you would like to make a donation to help Brennan, Brooke or myself raise money for Insulindepdence and see why we are raising money for this great cause please please click on our names below.

Brooke: 1st ever Half Marathon
Jamie: 3rd Half Marathon- looking to PR
Brennan: 1st ever Ironman (Arizona November 18th)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Under a YEAR!!!

As of today we are officially 350 days away.. Then I will get to marry my best friend. I know that the year will fly but.. I am freaked out about all the planning that has to be done in those 350 days.

We are less than a year away and the planning has slowly begun.  Brennan and I have completed our workbooks for the church.  These books we thought were designed to make you talk about different things.  However based on everything we answered we were not surprised with each others answers.  In reality we probably could have done it for each other.  Many times if I said the question- Brennan guessed my answer and vice versa.  Guess the good news is we really do know each other...

The wedding list is slowly getting a few things marked off.  Not many- but a few! The church is officially booked!! This last week with my parents help the reception venue was officially booked!  They will be contacting me in the next few weeks to speak with there wedding planner. I am extremely excited about this meeting.  During this meeting I will get to see different examples of previous weddings.  Basically design and set up how I want the reception and the flow.  They will also have examples of lighting and I will get to decide how I want ours. Very very exciting! Plus they will have a list of vendors and then it will be off to the races to decide!!

The church
Our reception venue "Alumni House at the University of Redlands"
Is it October 12, 2013 yet???

Completed Tasks:
Purchase Wedding Dress       (Check)
Book the church                    (Check)
Book the reception venue      (Check)
Homework for church           (Check)
Wedding Color's                    (Check)

Almost complete:
Our wedding Website- should have that finished in the next week or so!!

Tasks Left:
Fitting of dress, shoes
Decide on food
Bride's Maid Dresses
and the list goes on and on.............

Thanks mom for all your help so far!!!