Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Life passing by..

It has been a crazy last few months. As I am sure you are aware since there has been very little or no blog posts. In reality the last few months have been filled with events. Watched KK graduate from high school and leave for college. Yes my baby sister is in college! Brooke's fiance and my good friend Nik was signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is currently on IR, but enjoying being part of the NFL. Sean is loving his new place down near SDSU. My parents are attempting to live the empty nest lifestyle.

My last few months were completely consumed with wedding planning and training for another half marathon. Thankful I let Brennan talk me into the Ventura half marathon. It really kept me grounded and focused with all the planning. Plus I ran a PR in late September. Like always I was nervous about the race, but it went great. It started out and I felt super strong. I even managed to be with Brennan for the first three miles. Then he started to pull away. It was fun though cause I could see him in front of me the entire race (his bright orange shorts really helped.) The last mile sucked it was terrible as Brennan would say I was suffering, really suffering. I crossed the line lacking the smile, which was nicely pointed out by the announcer. But I crossed with a new PR and under my goal time. I quickly found Brennan who had ran under his goal. Then we just hugged and for a few minutes nothing else mattered except we had just left it all out on the road. Shortly after I also realized this would probably be the last time I ever raced as a Vessey. At least I went out with a huge bang- new best time.

Most of my summer weekends were spent with focusing on the wedding. Thankful for my mom who as always found time to help me with everything. She was my life savor. It is amazing what planning goes into a wedding. I have a whole new appreciation. I swear every time I checked something off my list it lead to another five things that needed to be accomplished. I will post another blog to talk about the wedding- but I can officially say it was worth all the planning. I am a married woman!