Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Better Late then Never.... Carlsbad Half

So I realize I ran this event about a month ago and have yet to write about it and really run since the event.  I will eventually start to train again, just need to find an event. I think once other things in my life start to slow down I can pick another event.

I want to thank everyone who donated to my cause in running my 1st half-marathon. InsulinDependence is an amazing organization that has truly changed the way my boyfriend Brennan treats his diabetes.  Total Brennan and I raised $885 for the organization and we plan on hitting the $1,000 mark next year.

I think I had a great 1st half-marathon.  I had wanted to get about 2 hours.  Well I ended up finishing in 1:50.  I was extremely happy with my pacing, having very consistent miles.  Not struggling much on the last 4 miles which were my biggest fear of the whole race.  My longest training run prior was only 10 miles and lets just say from mile 8, I may have walked faster.  So every step closer to mile 8 had me really worried.  But I did not hit a wall. I have Brennan to thank for that.  I am not the type that is the best about hydration and gels.  However Brennan has all that mastered and he taught me all I know. And because of him I had a great race.  I also see why he trains with all that stuff, and he was completely right in that I need to use that stuff when I train as well as race.

My bib for the event

The important stuff the hardware we received at the finish!!!

The event was great it was a beautiful morning in Carlsbad.  About 10 miles of the race is run right along the ocean.  I could hear the waves crashing and see miles out into the pacific.  After the race my next fear was just being able to walk (which I struggled to do for about 4 days).

Brennan had a great race as well, he went 1:45. I do not think he was extremely pleased with it, but lets be honest we have a lot of racing in our futures!! And I think he did AMAZING!!!

Pictured above is Brennan on the far left.  As well as other InsulinDependence Teammates including Bill Carlson (far right, the first diabetic to complete an Ironman, a truly inspirational figure in the diabetic community) and Chris Jarvis (center, 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist in rowing).