Monday, May 9, 2011

Life Changes!!!

 I alluded to it in my previous blogs about life changes.... Well this change means I no longer have to drive to traffic filled LA!!!!

Brennan has accepted a new job starting June 1st!!!  Brennan you did it... You survived LA!!!  Plus your getting out with only a few minor issues to your car... All in which were your fault.. Was it a Pole? 

Brennan accepted a position with InsulinDependence, an organization many of you know we are heavily involved with.  The group seeks to inspire people with diabetes to set personal fitness goals.  His official title will be the Associate Director of Development, which means he will lead many of the fundraising efforts and set up new event opportunities. Plus this moves him from Santa Monica to beautiful Solana Beach San Diego. 

I am sooo proud of him!! He has worked so incredibly hard in the last two years. He did an amazing job with the TOUR and throughout our graduate program.  In the last year he has spoken about a position with InsulinDependence so I cant explain the feeling when he received the offer.  Congratulations Brennan!!! 

I am personally excited for the difference this position will have on both our lives.  Brennan will have the ability to make a huge impact on people's lives.  I also hope to be even more connected with the organization and be able to make a difference. 

You can also follow Brennan's life changes and how he will still be racing for the organization through his personal blog Diabetic Jock.  And he has created a fundraising page for an exciting relay he is competing in this summer-  The Ranger Relay.

So Congratulations Brennan!!! As for me my future I am still paving that path..

Weekend Adventures

I have found that since my life is not completely scheduled with practices and competitions I have done some pretty cool things. Not to say that when my life was all hectic with classes, practices and games I did not do cool things. I mean I took two free trips to Hawaii, a trip to New Jersey, and many other places throughout the country.

However in the last two years I have had some great adventures. Some involved with sports but other adventures just because I have the time.  The ability to go on some of these adventures I have been because of connections made through my working at San Diego State or from Brennan's previous job with the PGA TOUR.

Since Brennan previously worked in community outreach for the TOUR on the Northern Trust Open, he made a ton of contacts. So far these contacts have really benefited us! And usually for free, which makes it even better. I am sure we have attended previous events that I never mentioned.  But in the last two weekends we have had two adventures because of connections.

ADVENTURE 1: Ronal Reagan Library
Since Brennan did not have to work on Good Friday we decided to use one of his connections and head to the Ronald Reagan Library.  It is an absolutely wonderful library.  It covers before he became the President and then what he did after leaving office.  It also shows the amazing relationship that Ronald and Nancy Reagan had.  It then talked about the amazing things that Nancy Reagan has been doing in the last ten years. I enjoyed our afternoon at the library and I loved watching history come to life.

Full-size replica of the White House Oval Office, the office in which President Reagan never took off his suit jacket.

We walk through the actual Air Force One aircraft, tail number 27000, which flew seven U.S. presidents.

Where he has been laid to rest

Adventure 2: Stagecoach
I also finally got to cash in on the amazing Christmas present from my parents. My mom and dad gave Brooke and me Stagecoach tickets.  Stagecoach is a two day country festival out in India California.  This year's top performers were Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatt's, Darius Rucker, Chris Young, Josh Turner, Eastin Corbin and many others.  I took Brennan on the first day of the festival and my college roommate Anna the second day.  We also meet up with other friends at the festival.  Sean and his girlfriend came on the second day of the festival.  We all hung out together and watched Carrie Underwood.  And she was AWESOME!!!
Our little stagecoach group
My roommates from college- Anna and Erin

Sean and his girlfriend with us before Carrie Underwood

Adventure 3: JDRF Gala- Finding a Cure: A Love Story
On Thursday night Brennan and I attended the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) yearly Gala for the Los Angeles Chapter. Again we attended the event for free due to connections.  It was at the Beverly Hills Hilton and was a red carpet affair.  Before the event even started we had seen Sugar Ray Leonard, Charlie Sheen and multiple other people we recognized but could not name. The event started with a silent auction- turns out we actually one a thing or two. We could not believe it because we bid the lowest amount possible. I think we have learned our lesson, we are never bidding again in a silent auction.  After the silent auction cocktail hour we headed into the banquet hall which was amazing.  Very soon after we sat down at our table, Brennan said " I bet almost every sitting President has spoken in this hall."  I bet he is right.  We had an amazing three course dinner while they had a live auction with comic relief from none other then Ray Romano and Brad Garrett. It was really funny and the items being auctioned were amazing.  In less then 5 minutes on one item an individual spent more then I made the entire last year. Give me some credit I am also going to school.  But all the money spent was for a good cause to cure Diabetes.  They had some awards that were presented and also had a family speak about losing there 14 year old to the disease.  Oh and do not forget great desert.  We laughed cause pretty sure it was not sugar free, leaving me to eat all of mine and most of Brennan's. The event touched me in more then one way and it made me realize that I truly can give more whether that is in terms of charitable donations or volunteering.  So hopefully the next phase of my life allows for that.  Sadly we did not take any pictures.  But we were dressed to the nine's. Brennan in a suit and me in a dress with heals. 
The theme of the event "CURE"

As all adventures happen they come to an end. But my last few have been great!!! I have a few more big adventures coming up in the near future... Like... GRADUATION!!!!

Countdown: 2 Classes
11 days :)