Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hot Buttered Rum Run

Last weekend I ran in the Hot Buttered Rum Run 10K down in Pacific Beach. Brennan and I decided to run in the race after our friend from grad school Megan Miller asked if we wanted to join her. For me personally I am in my 11th week of training for the Carlsbad Half Marathon (click here to donate to Insulindependence who I am racing for in January) and Brennan thought it would be a great test run. It would allow me to go a little bit faster than my half marathon pace, since it was a shorter distance.

Stolen from Megan- Look at the race view!
Deciding that it would be a ton of fun and involve a little rum at the end we figured why not register.  Being the normal Team Cassidy we missed the sign up online. Not to worry we headed to Road Runner sports on Saturday to register in person. After registering we spent the rest of the day doing a bit of shopping and our own winter cleaning. The winter cleaning lead to 6 bags of clothes going to good will, 2 bags of trash and finding a ton of mold growing in our apartment. Needless to say an email was sent a bit later that afternoon that we would be chatting Monday morning the minute the office opened.  No need to worry- we are moving mid January. If you need my new address please email me or face book me!
After our hectic cleaning spree we would just hangout for the evening. Sunday would not start early like most races getting up at 7- taking our time and leaving the house about 7:45. The race would take place down in Pacific beach at one of the many beautiful resorts. Arriving much to early (like usual for us) we just hung out waiting. We found our friend Megan and then just waited for the race to start.

Before the race with Megan!
As the start time got closer then started getting us into basic corrals by estimated split time.  We picked the 2nd fastest corral that would prove to be good and bad. Then the race was on. I felt really great starting out. I was trying not to go out to fast- but I was starting to pass people with Brennan right next to me. Then came a huge problem about a quarter mile into the race there was a turn at this point there was probably only 30 people in front of us- all turned left. So naturally we turned left.  Well turns out the biker leading the race did not know what way to go. All of a sudden we are making a loop and behind all the walkers of the race. At this point I was super pissed! I was running well and this was just like turning the ball over on a man up- takes the wind out of your sails.

With the entire group of racers now in front of us Brennan and I were stuck with the task of trying to weave our way through the crowd. The race ran along the bay front on paths for a beautiful view! at this point when you would see a mile marker like Mile 3 my watch was reading 3.60- just knowing that my time was going to be much slower because I ran over an extra half mile. About mile 4.5 on my watch I was starting to feel the whole not warming up thing. I was running at a fast pace for me personally and yet there was Brennan making it look effortless (make note Brennan has not done any serious running since Ironman). With about a mile to go I started to feel better again and had Brennan as my friendly reminder that all would be ok. I was able to pick up the pace and finish with a small smile on my face. Though still upset about the extra distance. I am sure people told the race organizers because very soon there plan was people in the front they were going to deduct 3 minutes.  Not sure if that fixes the situation at all but with the correction I was under the 50 minute mark and will smile about that.

Brennan made me take a picture with that Reindeer and him with his Rum!!
Then it was off to the rum. I honestly had no idea what Hot Buttered Rum was and honestly still don't. It was not a bad tasting drink though after a hard run and a cold morning.We spent some time just the three of us chatting and deciding what other races we should do in the future! Have to thank Megan for the invite!!

After the race we rushed home to shower and change. Then it was off to grandpa Vessey's house for the annual Vessey Christmas party. Always a great to spend time with the family. Eat some great Mexican food and have a ton of dessert!   
Us girls with Grandpa!

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